Person and Family Engagement

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Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organizations (BFCC-QIOs) help Medicare beneficiaries exercise their right to high-quality healthcare. They manage all beneficiary complaints and quality of care reviews to improve healthcare services for Medicare beneficiaries. They also handle cases in which beneficiaries want to appeal a healthcare provider’s decision to discharge them from the hospital or discontinue other types of services.

BFCC-QIOs are embarking on an exciting new project that will encourage Medicare beneficiaries and their families to be more involved in their healthcare. BFCC-QIO Person and Family Engagement (PFE) projects will reflect beneficiary and family perspectives and needs; provide opportunities for beneficiary engagement and education; foster improved case review experiences for patients, their families, and clinicians; and encourage person-centered, strength-based care.

As a result of their PFE work, BFCC-QIOs will strengthen patient, family, and caregiver engagement by:

  • Actively encouraging beneficiary, family, and caregiver engagement across the care continuum
  • Forging partnerships between beneficiaries and providers
  • Promoting tools and strategies that support beneficiaries’ goals, values, and preferences
  • Creating an environment where the beneficiary is the center of the healthcare team

BFCC-QIO PFE projects will be guided by the following principles:

Enhancing Patient Advocacy. BFCC-QIOs will support patients and their healthcare interests by developing and implementing Immediate Advocacy strategies to help Medicare beneficiaries, as well as their families and caregivers, improve Chronic Condition self-care.

Promoting Medicare Beneficiary and Family Engagement. BFCC-QIOs will work directly with beneficiaries, families and caregivers to ensure that there is a clear pathway for including patient and family voices and experiences into the workflows and systems of healthcare provider organizations. To accomplish this, the BFCC-QIOs will collaborate with the BFCC-NCC’s Beneficiary and Family Advisory Council.

Generating System Improvements Targeting Patient Safety. BFCC-QIOs will work with practitioners and providers, patient advocates, Medicare beneficiaries and their families to cultivate and encourage innovative system improvements in order to make care safer.

Evaluating Measures and Improvement Targets. BFCC-QIOs will identify strategic goals, such as increases or improvements in current contractual work, and evaluate the effectiveness of their Person and Family Engagement interventions and outcomes.