BeneficiaryA person who has health insurance through the Medicare program. These generally are individuals age 65 and over, but also include those with end-stage renal disease or certain other disabilities. and Family Centered Care-Quality Improvement Organizations (BFCC-QIOs) help people who have Medicare exercise their right to high-quality health care by:

  • Managing all complaints and quality of care reviews to ensure consistency in the review process
  • Handling cases in which Medicare patients want to appeal a health care provider’s decision to discharge them from the hospital or discontinue other types of services
  • Using the Immediate Advocacy process to address complaints quickly
  • Providing Health Care Navigation services

The two BFCC-QIOs — Livanta and KEPRO — provide support to all 50 states and three territories.

Beneficiary experiences, both good and bad, give the QIO Program the perspective to identify opportunities for improvement, develop solutions that address the real needs of patients, and inspire action by health professionals.