What is the Campaign for Meds Management (CMM)?

The CMM aims to promote the patient voice, experience, and recommendations as a critical factor in helping providers and patients manage high-risk medications safely, efficiently, and effectively. 

How are we doing this?

We are working in three areas:

  1. Working with patients and caregivers to identify and share promising medication management strategies and resources
  2. Collecting and sharing patient, caregiver, and provider stories and emerging practices (click HERE to share your story)
  3. Hosting a Learning Community through the quarterly Medication Safety Learning and Action Network Events (click HERE for upcoming events and recordings from past events)

Who should join the CMM?

  • Anyone who uses medications; particularly opioid, anticoagulant, and/‚Äčor diabetic drugs
  • Anyone who prescribes or works with patients on medications
  • Caregivers or family members of patients on medications
  • Anyone seeking to improve the quality of healthcare
  • Health insurers (such as commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare)
  • Public and private partners

Why join the CMM?

You will be able to:

  • Participate in a national conversation about safer medication management.
  • Join quarterly Medication Safety Learning and Action Network (LAN) Events and receive free continuing education credits
  • Access current and emerging medication management strategies and resources (click HERE to visit the Resource Center)
  • Learn directly from patients and caregivers about preferred medication management techniques and communication strategies
  • Join a community of people dedicated to improving medication safety and management
  • Become a leader in medication management improvement activities

Who has joined the Campaign?

See the states below that have already joined the CMM.

Don't let your state fall behind! Join the CMM today and become a leader in medication safety.

CMM Measurable Aims:

In order to measure the impact of the CMM, we are tracking the total number of participants attending and the proportion taking action after the Medication Safety LAN Events.

Campaign Team:

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