Campaign for Meds Management: July 2016

Topic: Managing Polypharmacy: Exploring Successful Patient-Centric Strategies to Effectively Manage Multiple Medications

Date: Tuesday, July 262016


This Medication Safety Learning and Action Network (LAN) Event was open to:

  • QIN-QIOs
  • Patients and patient advocates interested in medication self-management
  • Pharmacy professionals interested in supporting medication self-management
  • Members of improvement collaboratives interested in deploying medication self-management and community strategies to support self-management

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe polypharmacy and the risks for patients associated with polypharmacy.
  • Identify strategies that patients/​beneficiaries, families, and caregivers can take to reduce the risk of polypharmacy.
  • Showcase self-management used by patients to successfully manage polypharmacy.

Call Summary:

This event showcased the challenge of polypharmacy and the many risks that are associated with it. Strategies that patients and caregivers have used to successfully manage multiple medications were highlighted and key partnerships that patients and caregivers should explore to manage polypharmacy were discussed. Pilot Communities for the Campaign for Meds Management were encouraged to capture successful tactics and implement them into their patient care systems.

There was no commercial support for this activity.

Meet the Speakers:

Marty Hatlie, JD
Project Patient Care

Rachel Digmann, PharmD, BCPS

Lisa Morrise, MA
Project Patient Care

Brian Isetts, RPH, PhD, BCPS, FAPhA
University of Minnesota

Johanna Trimble
Patients for Patient Safety Champion

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