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ACE Anticoagulation Forum

Source: Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence

Comprehensive library for healthcare providers. Resources are provided as examples from high-performing services.

Anticoagulant Table - Quality Insights

Source: Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network

This table provides detailed information on five popular anticoagulant medications.

Atrial Fibrillation Patient Reminders for Pharmacists

Source: Health Quality Innovators

Use this fact sheet as a reference to be sure you are giving patients the information they need regarding their atrial fibrillation, including symptoms and the importance of medication.

ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment for Antithrombotic Therapy (2017)

Source: ISMP

This updated tool is a revision of the 2005 version of the self-assessment to include safety strategies for the newer oral anticoagulants. The self-assessment is designed to help organizations assess the medication safety practices in their institution surrounding the use of antithrombotic therapy and identify opportunities for improvement.

Reducing Anticoagulant ADE - Prescriber Tips

Source: HSAG

These one-page documents provide tips for prescribers to reduce ADEs including patient education prompts, drug interactions, and medication management information. There is one for each of the high risk medication categories (Opioids, Anticoagulants and Diabetic Agents). Other uses for the Quick Tip for Prescribers documents include: 1) use at LANs to direct conversation and strategy development amongst the attendees; 2) encourage hospitals to distribute to hospitalists and / or at medical staff meetings; promote that health care organizations use these to provide staff education and increase knowledge and competency.

Warfarin and Antibiotic Interactions

Source: PharMerica

This PDF outlines common antibiotics and their effects on INR, along with other notes.

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