Educational Resources

One way the Beneficiary and Family Centered Care National Coordinating Center (BFCC-NCC) supports the work of BFCC-Quality Improvement Organizations (BFCC-QIOs) is by contacting national organizations that serve people with Medicare and providing them with information about free BFCC-QIO services.

The BFCC-NCC meets with national organizations by conference calls and webinars to provide presentations and informational materials that give an overview of the following Medicare rights and services: quality of care complaints, discharge appeals, and Immediate Advocacy.

Educational Resources

The following materials and resources are available to help organizations communicate this important information to people who have Medicare and their representatives, families, and caregivers:

Presentation. This presentation focuses on the benefits and rights available for people with Medicare to ensure they receive high quality, safe care. The presentation includes information about filing quality of care complaints and discharge appeals, as well as requesting Immediate Advocacy to resolve health care concerns quickly.

Sample Announcements. Organizations can use sample announcements in newsletters and emails, as well as on social media. A table with additional resources is also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions. This document answers frequently asked questions about what Medicare beneficiaries can do if they have a concern about the care they received while on Medicare.

Does your organization need to learn more about BFCC-QIO services? Please use our contact form to request a webinar presentation for your national organization.