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HQIC Community of Practice Call: Implementation and Improvement Tips of Sepsis Bundles

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Sepsis is one of the leading causes of death in hospitals, with at least 1.7 million people in the U.S. developing sepsis and nearly 270,000 dying from it each year. Nineteen percent of sepsis hospitalizations readmit within 30 days and 87 percent of sepsis cases start in the community. Sepsis mortality increases eight percent for each hour of delayed treatment. Join HQI and the HQIC community for this call held on February 10, 2022 as we summarize the importance of sepsis guidelines and bundled care. HQI will share strategies to drive compliance with sepsis bundles and explain the need to keep sepsis care focused on patient outcomes. HQI is pleased to have John Lawrence, RN, BSN, SCRN, Sepsis Coordinator at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital in Alexandria, VA to present during this call. Come ready to leave in action on how to improve sepsis compliance at your hospital.

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John Lawrence, RN, BSN, SCRN, Sepsis Coordinator, Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, Alexandria, Virginia
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John Lawrence leads the sepsis interprofessional team in delivering quality patient care based on the latest treatment guidelines and core measure standards. Through real-time case reviews, coaching and collaboration, John has helped his hospital reach, and often exceed, expectations for sepsis quality targets.