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HQIC Community of Practice Call | Optimal Z Code Utilization and Reimbursement Opportunities

Doctors and nurses coordinate hands. Concept Teamwork in hospital for success work and trust in team.

The CMS Office of Minority Health reports that one barrier to consistent collection of patient social determinants data is a lack of knowledge about Z codes, the special group of codes provided in ICD-10-CM to document social determinants of health. Of the 33.1 million fee-for-service beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare in 2019, only 1.59% had claims with Z codes (Mukset et al., 2021). Healthcare organizations can play an important role in advancing the collection of social determinants data. Discussed in this recorded session was: the importance of identifying patients’ social determinants of health and providing linkages to resources to address them; discuss how accurate, standardized collection of meaningful social determinants of health data can drive quality improvement and identify health disparities, how to address barriers that limit the ability to track social determinant data in EHRs; how to properly document social determinants of health using Z codes; and what reimbursement opportunities are available using Z codes.

This monthly call series is open to all Hospital Quality Improvement Contractors (HQIC) staff members to help support the delivery and spread of quality improvement initiatives in every state and territory. HQICs may extend this invitation to their hospitals to attend as well.  

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