Medication Safety LAN Event: July 2017

Topic: What Can Chronic Care Management Do For You?

Date: Wednesday, July 122017


This Medication Safety Learning and Action Network (LAN) Event was open to beneficiaries, families, healthcare providers, practitioners, partners, and Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organizations.

Call Summary:

What does Chronic Care Management (CCM) service mean to you as a patient or caregiver? How do other members of the care team, such as pharmacists, assist in provision of CCM services? Watch the recording of this Medication Safety Learning and Action Network (LAN) Event to receive new CCM resources and learn how this service can impact you.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what Chronic Care Management services are and how pharmacists can engage in implementation and maintenance of the service.
  • Explain strategies that care teams may utilize for reimbursement/​sustainability of their services in the Chronic Care Management model of care.
  • Provide access to Chronic Care Management resources and educational materials to increase knowledge and marketing of the services to available patients and caregivers.

Slides & Recorded Presentation:

Meet the Speakers:

Rachel Digmann
Medication Safety & Program Lead
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Telligen, QIN NCC

Jodi Grandominico
Assistant Professor
Ohio State University College of Medicine

Lindsay Kunkle
Director, Practice & Science
American Pharmacists Association

Kelli Barnes
Assistant Professor & Clinical Pharmacist
Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Michelle Thomas
Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner
Chickahominy Family Practice

Risa Hayes
Program Specialist
Telligen, QIN NCC

Michelle Oswald
Program Manager
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


  • Watch this interview with Dr. Anup Gokli and Dr. Michelle Thomas with Chickahominy Family Practice, which explains and highlights one way for a primary care physician and pharmacist to partner in order to provide chronic condition team based care, improve patient outcomes and support a primary care practice (developed by Health Quality Innovators).

Supplemental Resources:

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