National Learning & Action Network Series: August 2017

Topic: Mastering Hypertension to Achieve Heart Health

Date: Wednesday, August 92017


This event was open to beneficiaries, families, health care providers, practitioners, partners, and Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organizations (QIN-QIOs).

Event Description:

This National Learning & Action Network (LAN) Event, focusing on Mastering Hypertension to Achieve Heart Health,” reviewed the Million Hearts® priorities, resources, and high-impact practice-level changes that lead to improved blood pressure in patient panels. It also focused on strategies to improve medication adherence, partnerships between patients and their providers, and the role self-blood pressure monitoring plays in effective care, and the patient experience. Guest speakers included Judy Hannan (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/​Million Hearts®), Margaret Meador (National Association of Community Health Centers), and Dr. Lawrence Garber (Reliant Medical Group and previous Hypertension Control Champion). This National Learning & Action Network (LAN) session topic aligns with the CMS Quality Strategy goal to promote effective prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Download the promotional flyer for this event here.

Sneak Peek:

Hear from guest speaker Judy Hannan, Million Hearts® Senior Advisor with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as she reviews the event details. Click on the below graphic to view the sneak peek.

Learning Objectives:

  • Select one or more evidence-based blood pressure management tools.
  • Be able to identify and support high impact changes a physician practice can implement for improved identification and management of high blood pressure.
  • Explain the role of self-measured blood pressure monitoring in effective care of hypertension.
  • Describe effective practitioner-patient approaches to increasing medication adherence.

Meet the Speakers:

Cynthia Pamon
Cardiac Health Subject Matter Expert
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Judy Hannan
Million Hearts Senior Advisory
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Margaret Meador
Director, Clinical Integration
National Association of Community Health Centers

Dr. Lawrence Garber
Medical Director for Informatics
Reliant Medical Group

Slides & Recorded Presentation:

Supplemental Resources: