About CDAC Medical Record Requests for Patient Safety Review

The Clinical Data Abstraction Center (CDAC) is under contract with CMS to provide services in support of the CMS Quality Improvement Program and other special programs and projects, such the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) program and the Quality and Safety Review System (QSRS).

To perform these functions, the CDAC is authorized to request medical records on behalf of CMS under 42 CFR §476.71(a)(5) as part of statutory review functions performed by the Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organization (BFCC-QIO). This authority is separate and apart from the Hospital IQR Program data validation efforts.

For the period of May 8, 2019 through May 7, 2024, the CDAC will request Medicare beneficiary medical records from providers and abstract clinical data from the records as required by CMS for the purpose as set forth in section 1154 of the Social Security Act. The CDAC does not perform any BFCC-QIO review functions as identified in section 1154 and as such, if in the due course of the CDAC’s abstraction process, a potential patient harm is identified, the CDAC will refer that medical record for further clinical review by the BFCC-QIO program, specifically to Avar Consulting, Inc, the CMS BFCC National Coordination Oversight & Review Center (BFCC NCORC).

For further assistance or, if you have additional questions about CDAC medical record requests for QSRS abstraction activities, please contact Ms. Wendy Gary, Executive Director of BFCC-QIO Operations at wgary@avarconsulting.com.