Patient Stories

One of the goals for the Campaign for Meds Management is to learn from the medication experiences of patients, families, and caregivers. By sharing your story, lessons learned, and recommended resources, you connect other patients or caregivers with similar experiences. These stories offer valuable insights, and they have the power to inspire, empower, challenge assumptions, and compel people to action.

If you would like to share your story about medication safety, managing your medications, or helping others safely manage medications, please provide your contact information by clicking on the "Share the Story" button and filling out a short form.

Larry’s Story:

From Diagnosis to DSME Advocate

Larry has always been fit – he is a retired firefighter who values an active lifestyle. Two years ago he realized that he had slowly been gaining weight, and so he decided to start working out, lifting weights, and eating healthy to lose some of the weight he had gained. He was feeling great and energized, but then he started losing too much – he was down 30lb in a month and a half! He decided to go to the doctor and was shocked to receive a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes – he has a family history of diabetes and his wife has type 1 diabetes, but it had never been an issue for him. He was in great health otherwise with normal blood pressure and heart rate numbers. Looking back on it, Larry says, Losing weight from diabetes looks different.” Larry’s doctor said this was serious – he had an extremely high A1C level of 14.9%. The doctor suggested that insulin wouldn’t be the best fit for him because of his lifestyle, so he put Larry on Metformin and Januvia.

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Carolyn’s Story:

A Nurse’s Journey Through Pain, Pain Management, and Addiction

How does a nurse and business woman become addicted to prescription opioids? It wasn’t just one thing. There was a diagnosis of systemic lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome and a form of scleroderma, followed by more than a dozen surgeries within 10 years, but that alone wasn’t enough to cause addiction. The loss of her business due to medical issues wasn’t enough. Divorce after almost 23 years of marriage wasn’t enough. Her son moving out and Carolyn having to leave her long-time home wasn’t even enough. What was enough to lead to addiction? All of these events combined. After so many losses and illness, Carolyn found herself depressed, anxious, ultimately addicted to pain medication - IV Stadol, ordered by one of her physicians – and still in pain.

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