BFCC-QIOs Debut New Online Tools for Beneficiaries and Providers

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The QIO Program’s two regional Beneficiary and Family-Centered Care-QIOs (BFCC-QIOs) – KEPRO and Livanta – help Medicare beneficiaries who have a complaint about the quality of their care or who want to appeal a health care provider’s decision to discharge them from the hospital or to discontinue other types of services.

Both BFCC-QIOs recently developed online case status tools to make it faster and more efficient for Medicare beneficiaries and providers to check the status of patients’ discharge appeals. Previously, this information only was available through the BFCC-QIOs’ toll-free call centers.

By simply entering the patient’s case number as directed on KEPRO's or Livanta's website, beneficiaries and providers can see exactly what stage has been reached in the appeal process about hospital discharge or the discontinuation of health services, such as rehabilitation therapy or home health care. Livanta’s tool offers the status of quality of care complaints as well as appeals. The websites are secure to protect the privacy of the patient and provider.

To access the tools, please visit the following websites:


Livanta Area 1

Livanta Area 5

To determine whether KEPRO or Livanta is your regional BFCC-QIO, please check here.