Four Top Takeaways from Concordium 2016

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Data was king at this year’s Concordium conference sponsored by AcademyHealth. Held in Arlington, Virginia from September 12-13, the conference focused on Data and Knowledge Transforming Health” and brought together individuals and organizations working with health data to transform health systems and improve population health.

Following are four top takeaways and quotes from this year’s conference:

1. Collaboration and coordination are key to successful data gathering and implementation of evidence-based strategies. Care coordination is the Bermuda Triangle’ of measurement; many go in, few emerge,” says Helen Burstin, MD, chief science officer at the National Quality Forum

2. Data transparency within the health care industry and with patients is becoming increasingly important and common. Transparency is the best disinfectant,” says Peter Levin, PhD, chief executive officer of Amida.

3. It’s important to use right-size measurements. Measures are measures, but patients are patients, and when making decisions, it is important to consider both. Measure what should be measured, rather than what can be measured,” says Glenn Steele, MD, PhD, chairman, xG Health Solutions.

4. Enhance data with patient perspectives and stories. Following patients’ conversations on social media can help make data more inclusive. Meet patients where they’re at,” says Bechara Choucair, MD, senior vice president, Safety Net and Community Health at Trinity Health. Anjali Jain, MD, vice president, The Lewin Group, adds, Embed the story in the data and the data in the story.”