Meet the 2019 CMS Quality Conference Social Media Ambassadors

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Building on the success of the 2018 Social Media Ambassador Program, this year’s CMS Quality Conference features 10 social media ambassadors representing a diverse array of stakeholders and backgrounds. These social media influencers in health care quality improvement will post regular updates, photos and insights from the conference to Twitter using the hashtag #CMSQualCon19

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Following are the 10 social media ambassadors: 

1. Beneficiary & Family Centered Care – Quality Improvement Organizations
Beneficiary & Family Centered Care National Coordinating Center (BFCC NCC)
Follow: @BeneProtection

Q: What is one key takeaway or lesson you learned from previously serving as a Quality Conference Social Media Ambassador?
A: "Being active as a Social Media Ambassador brings more awareness to the BFCC NCC’s work through increased followers, who retweet and spread the word about the good work of the QIOs and the QIO Program."

2. Carmen Gonzalez
Communications Project Manager
Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG), the QIN-QIO for Arizona, California, Florida, Ohio and the U.S. Virgin Islands Follow: @crgonzalez

Q: What are you most looking forward to at the 2019 Quality Conference?
A: "I am eager to learn about innovative approaches that the QIN-QIOs, Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks, End Stage Renal Disease Networks and others are implementing across the country to strengthen relationships and build opportunities within HSAG’s region."

3. Alisa Hughley, MPH
Patient advocate, founder and principal consultant at enBloom Media, LLC, a health communication and engagement consultancy.
Follow: @enBloomMedia

Q: How have you/​has your organization used social media to impact health quality?
A: "Social media has proven to be a powerful tool to help individuals managing chronic or catastrophic illness build meaningful networks that provide psycho-social support, access resources and assist with health system navigation. enBloom Media has been an advocate for patient engagement since 2008, highlighting in particular the power of social media to facilitate this engagement."

4. HealthInsight
The QIN-QIO for Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah
Follow: @HealthInsight_

Q: What advice would you give to other conference participants who want to live tweet, either at the conference or from afar?
A: "Tweet about what strikes you. Share what you are learning and retweet impactful messages that others are sharing. Take photos for more engagement and build relationships as you do!"

5. Mary A. Smith, DNP, FAANP
Board-certified family nurse practitioner and Quality Payment Program Champion
Follow: @MaryASmithFNP

Q: How does social media help patients and families take a more active role in their care? 
A: "Social media can be an ideal conduit to educate patients and families on the various ways they can play a more active role in managing and promoting their own health in positive ways. Social media can also be a great avenue to provide encouragement and promote a positive influence when it comes to patients being more active in improving their own health."

6. Mathematica
Research firm specializing in advance health services research, clinical quality improvement and measurement, data quality, analytics and emerging methodologies.
Follow: @MathPolResearch

Q: What advice would you give to other conference participants who want to live tweet, either at the conference or from afar?
A: "Even in a room full of experts, the level of expertise varies widely. Be ready to present complicated topics clearly and in a way that adds value by including context and perspective. Look for and share moments that will be interesting to people — both at the conference and those following from afar — via hashtag. Don’t be afraid to sound like a real person!"

7. Ralph Atkinson, MD 
Nephrologist and Quality Payment Program Champion
Follow: @rcamd

Q: How does social media help patients and their families take a more active role in their care?
A: "Social media makes patients and their families feel more connected to their health care team."

8. Temaka Williams, MPH, MBA
Senior Health Information Technology Advisor, Telligen
Follow: @TemakaWill

Q: Why is improving health care quality important to you?
A: "Improving the quality of health care is important because it’s the right thing to do! Quality health care is a crucial part of the right to health care, health equity and patient dignity. Oftentimes, people don’t think about the experience of being a patient until a close family member becomes sick, or they themselves need care, yet being a patient is an inevitable path we all must take."

9. Qualis Health
The QIN-QIO for Washington and Idaho
Follow: @QualisHealth

Q: What is your organization most looking forward to at the Quality Conference?
A: "The Quality Conference is chock-full of impactful speakers and incredible networking opportunities, and our participation helps drive the mission of quality improvement forward. We can’t wait to connect with old colleagues and make new connections!"

The QIN-QIO for Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Puerto Rico.