New York’s QIO and HEN Align Efforts for Better Quality Hospital Care

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In an effort to reduce health care-acquired infections (HAIs), adverse drug events (ADEs) and hospital readmissions, Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) and Hospital Engagement Networks (HENs) are working together to make hospitals safer, more reliable and less costly for both the facility and the patient.

IPRO, the QIO for New York, and the HEN, which is a partnership between the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) and the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), are collaborating to improve the quality of health care in the state.

IPRO has a long-standing relationship with GNYHA and HANYS. Together, they have shared their expertise with hospitals in an effort to provide consistent recommendations for improving care. In one instance, IPRO and the two associations worked together to develop a central line bundle to help hospitals reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections.

IPRO and the HEN have collaborated to reduce ADEs. By partnering, IPRO and the HEN have been able to reach a wider audience and better share lessons learned and best practices on ADE and medication reconciliation.

While they may not have routine meetings, IPRO and the HEN communicate monthly and coordinate schedules for webinars. For example, during a webinar on reducing surgical site infections sponsored by the HEN, IPRO staff facilitated the event on-site at different hospitals where the webinar was being broadcast. The QIO and the HEN partnered again for a similar event on catheter-associated urinary tract infections in mid-September.

We work together to coordinate our efforts,” said Karline Roberts, Director of Hospital Projects at IPRO. We share experiences to be sure that we are guiding hospitals in a consistent fashion and not contradicting each other’s guidance.”

Collaboration among the organizations doesn’t stop there; representatives from both HANYS and GNYHA sit on IPRO advisory committees, while Roberts is a member of HANYS’ and GNYHA’s committees.

Roberts’ prior working relationship with staff from both hospital associations has helped strengthen the partnership. Working together, the HEN and IPRO have aligned their goals to improve care for the residents of New York.

The relationship has developed in such a way that we know each other’s strengths and assumed our respective roles, which makes working together easier,” Roberts said.