Strategic Innovation Engine: Driving Nationwide Adoption of Quality Improvement Best Practices

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The Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program’s newest component, the Strategic Innovation Engine (SIE), aims to identify and spread high-impact, high-value quality improvement innovations in support of the Three-Part Aim of better care, better health and smarter spending. The SIE’s mission is to rapidly move proven best practices to frontline staff for adoption.

"The SIE’s mission is to rapidly move proven best practices to frontline staff for adoption."

Guided by an executive leadership council, the SIE will select quality improvement (QI) topics where the greatest gains can be made and where untapped pockets of value exist in terms of QI implementation. SIE staff is currently finalizing an environmental scan of QI activities, which will inform its selection of topics and be aligned with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) six quality goals:

  1. Make care safer by reducing harm caused in the delivery of care.
  2. Strengthen person and family engagement as partners in their care.
  3. Promote effective communication and coordination of care.
  4. Promote effective prevention and treatment of chronic disease.
  5. Work with communities to promote best practices of healthy living.
  6. Make care affordable.

Once a topic is chosen, the SIE will issue a call for best practices” to Quality Innovation Network-QIOs (QIN-QIOs) and the broader QI community. In addition to innovative interventions, the SIE will seek effective technical assistance strategies to facilitate implementation. Organizations can submit potential interventions and strategies using an online application form. 

The SIE anticipates issuing its first call for best practices in Spring 2016. A panel of subject matter experts on the selected topic will evaluate the submissions according to standardized evaluation criteria. 

High-value, high-impact best practices will be compiled into a Quality Improvement Innovation Package (QIIP) with practical implementation strategies for dissemination throughout the QIO Program and to a wide variety of health care stakeholders. The QIIP will be available for download on the SIE website. 

To receive notifications about upcoming calls for best practices, register on the SIE website. For more information, please contact Tennille Daniels, SIE project director, at TDaniels@​impaqint.​com.