Men’s Health

Men’s Health Month is celebrated each June to raise awareness of efforts to prevent and treat diseases among men. This issue of QIO News looks at some of the critical health issues facing older men, such as colon cancer and mental illness. 

CMS' Deputy Administrator for Program Integrity, Shantanu Agrawal, MD discusses the evolving landscape in men's health, and the Center for Program Integrity's goals for the future. 
Men over 75 years old have the highest suicide rate in the nation. Learn about critical services provided by Medicare to help older men address the mental health and substance use challenges that are fueling the crisis. 
The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network is working to reduce the number of new colon cancer cases and avoidable deaths nationwide by getting 80 percent of patients screened by 2018 in Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. 
In recognition of Men’s Health Month, the QIO Program highlights activities and resources that help enhance disease prevention and early detection among men. 
A new mobile app from Atlantic Quality Innovation Network helps clinicians determine if and when patients should stop anticoagulants prior to elective surgery. 
The QIO Program’s Strategic Innovation Engine is seeking health care industry stakeholders to submit self-created or adapted innovative practices by July 12016
Learn how health care providers, patients and stakeholders can get involved with the observance and help men make health a priority. 
Did You Know?
A Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) success story will now be featured on the QIO Program website homepage each month. This month, we’ll highlight the Great Plains QIN’s efforts to improve immunization rates in North Dakota. Get the whole story and keep an eye out for new​“QIOs in Action” at