Improving Resident Health in Long-Term Care Facilities 

In recognition of National Skilled Nursing Care Week, this issue of QIO News looks at how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organizations are working to reduce the use of antipsychotics in long-term care facilities and improve health outcomes among people with Medicare in nursing homes.

The coordinator of CMS’s National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes discusses how the Partnership is working to enhance the quality of life for people with dementia, including reducing the use of antipsychotics. 
Wide-reaching changes outlined by CMS last month aim to reduce drug costs, address opioid overprescribing and remove regulatory obstacles to higher quality care. 
With many nursing homes in New Mexico still working to meet national goals, HealthInsight is using online trainings to foster peer sharing and collaboration to reduce antipsychotic usage statewide. 
Health care quality stakeholders are invited to join the Quality Innovation Network National Coordinating Center on Wednesday, May 9 for the next National Learning & Action (LAN) event, which will focus on integrating alcohol and depression screenings into patient care. 
Did You Know?
National Women’s Health Week—sponsored by the Office on Women’s Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — begins on Mother’s Day, May 13, and continues through May 19. To discover ways to participate, as well as find tools and resources specifically designed to improve health outcomes for women, visit