Person Engagement & Health Literacy

This issue of QIO News focuses on how promoting person engagement and health literacy through medication education and multicultural communication can improve health outcomes for seniors.

CMS Technical Advisor for Communications and Outreach discusses the mission, focus and impact of the agency’s Person & Family Engagement Affinity Group. 
The opioid epidemic is impacting seniors in different ways than younger adults. Alliant Quality QIN-QIO discusses strategies for patient engagement and education to increase opioid safety. 
The QIO Program aims to provide quality care to all beneficiaries, including those for whom English is not their primary language. Here are five ways QIN-QIOs can help improve access to care for limited English-proficient beneficiaries. 
HIINs will pursue ambitious goals in reducing hospital-acquired conditions and readmissions in the Medicare program. 
Last month, health care leaders and health information technology professionals came together to discuss the evolving role of data and to explore how it is improving care quality and safety. 
Join us for the next National Learning & Action Network virtual training to explore​“Effective Co-Management of Mental and Physical Chronic Conditions,” on Tuesday, November 1
Did You Know?
CMS’ Dr. Paul McGann, Jean Moody-Williams and Dennis Wagner were honored at the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America (SAMMIES) award ceremony as Federal Employees of the Year. At the ceremony, Vice President Joe Biden commended the trio for their efforts to reduce preventable errors at hospitals, which resulted in 87,000 fewer deaths and nearly $20 billion in cost savings. Dr. McGann, Wagner and Moody-Williams were also featured on the news program Government Matters, highlighting their nomination for the award.