Immunizations are critically important in protecting older adults against serious and sometimes deadly diseases, such as the influenza virus or shingles. Yet, Kaiser Health News reported in 2015 that three out of four Americans older than 60 do not get the shingles vaccine, and one in three skip the influenza vaccine.
Learn how the New England Quality Innovation Network (QIN)-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont—partnered with a local Spanish-language public radio station to encourage immunizations and improve population health.
Providers and other health care quality stakeholders are invited to join the Quality Innovation Network National Coordinating Center on Tuesday, May 2 for its next National Learning & Action Network virtual training entitled, “Immunization: Everyone’s Responsibility.”   
In recognition of Men’s Health Month, the QIO Program highlights activities and resources that help enhance disease prevention and early detection among men.  
In the largely rural state of North Dakota, Medicare claims data does not provide a complete picture of true adult immunization rates, as it excludes those for whom the roster billing method is used – such as all rural health clinics. The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network (QIN) – the QIN-QIO for Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota – sought to ensure complete tracking, documentation and reporting of data, and the use of best practices in improving adult immunization rates. Ultimately, the QIN aims to have all immunization providers – including those located in rural areas – included in its interventions to improve immunization rates, which will implemented by Fall 2016.  
Learn how the QIN-QIO for Colorado, Illinois and Iowa is working with community partners to fight health disparities and raise immunization rates by providing vaccine education and administration in select Chicago communities.
Shiree Southerland, CMS Subject Matter Expert for the QIO Program’s adult immunization work, shares an inside look at the expanding scope of QIN-QIOs’ immunization-related activities and their goal to increase vaccination rates for Medicare beneficiaries.
The QIN-QIO for Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin came up with a visually compelling way to highlight facts about adult immunizations and its immunizations-related work.
All 14 QIN-QIOs were awarded a four-year contract to improve immunization rates and reduce immunization disparities among Medicare beneficiaries.