Influenza season is underway, but you can reduce your chances of getting sick. Learn how. 
In honor of National Health Center Week, Dr. Yee discusses how community health centers are helping improve access to quality health care in underserved areas. 
Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy often gets missed until it’s too late, but proper foot care — including regular exams — can reduce the risk of amputation. 
Immunizations are critically important in protecting older adults against serious and sometimes deadly diseases, such as the 
Learn how the New England Quality Innovation Network (QIN)-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont — partnered with a local Spanish-language public radio station to encourage immunizations and improve population health. 
The foot pain caused by peripheral diabetic neuropathy can be unbearable for people with diabetes and can lower their quality of life. Here are tips for beneficiaries on how to prevent and manage the most common form of diabetic neuropathy. 
HealthInsight — the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) serving Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah — is collaborating with pharmacy chains in its four-state region to boost vaccination rates among older adults. 
A new toolkit from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality offers best practices and lessons learned from a three-year project to help nursing homes reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections. 
The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells QIO News about his experience at the 2016 CMS Quality Conference and the important intersection of public health and health care. 
How a Tennessee nursing home reduced antipsychotic medication use with consistent caregivers. 
Join us for the next National Learning & Action Network virtual training to explore​“Effective Co-Management of Mental and Physical Chronic Conditions,” on Tuesday, November 1
In recognition of National Health IT Week, QIO News is sharing the top five IT trends to look out for in senior health care. 
A coalition led by the Atlantic Quality Innovation Network is succeeding in its efforts to change the way South Carolinians think about immunizations. 
TMF, the QIN-QIO for Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Puerto Rico, highlights the importance of early detection and treatment of sepsis. 
The new app provides health care professionals with up-to-date immunization information at the tips of their fingers. 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Associate Director of Adult Immunizations, Carolyn Bridges, MD, discusses the importance of open dialogue between patients and providers around vaccinations for the entire family. 
Men over 75 years old have the highest suicide rate in the nation. Learn about critical services provided by Medicare to help older men address the mental health and substance use challenges that are fueling the crisis. 
The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network is working to reduce the number of new colon cancer cases and avoidable deaths nationwide by getting 80 percent of patients screened by 2018 in Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. 
In recognition of Men’s Health Month, the QIO Program highlights activities and resources that help enhance disease prevention and early detection among men. 
A recent CMS webinar explored the prevention and treatment of mental illness and substance use issues among older adults. 
The Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition’s peer-to-peer mentoring program successfully reduced missed appointments among dialysis patients. Find out more about peer support and self-management. 
In honor of American Heart Month, we share five tips to help you live a heart-healthy life and reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke. 
Janet Wright of Million Hearts® shares an update on the national initiative’s goal to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes by 2017
Susan Fleck, RN, MMHS and subject matter expert (SME) for the Everyone with Diabetes Counts (EDC) program at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), provides an update on how the program is going. 
Check out some key highlights from this recent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) event focusing on healthy lifestyles and preventive care. 
CMS awards six QIN-QIOs a four-year contract to improve the identification of depression and alcohol use disorder among Medicare beneficiaries. 
Read how one family’s diabetes education helped transform their health and motivated them to spread knowledge and healthy eating practices. 
Learn how the QIN-QIO for Colorado, Illinois and Iowa is working with community partners to fight health disparities and raise immunization rates by providing vaccine education and administration in select Chicago communities. 
The QIN-QIO for Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin came up with a visually compelling way to highlight facts about adult immunizations and its immunizations-related work. 
A high-profile health care provider, leading medical organization and a QIN-QIO partner to help educate primary care teams on the implementation of an evidence-based blood pressure control regimen. 
CMS QIO Program experts share tips to help Medicare beneficiaries take charge of their preventive care. 
Shiree Southerland, CMS Subject Matter Expert for the QIO Program’s adult immunization work, shares an inside look at the expanding scope of QIN-QIOs’ immunization-related activities and their goal to increase vaccination rates for Medicare beneficiaries. 
Read why this Washington-based provider was named the 2014 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control champion. 
Learn how CMS’ Everyone with Diabetes Counts program helped one Medicare beneficiary take charge of his health before it was too late. 
All 14 QIN-QIOs were awarded a four-year contract to improve immunization rates and reduce immunization disparities among Medicare beneficiaries. 
Tune in to our conversation with Stephen F. Jencks, M.D., M.P.H., a former CMS executive and QIO Program director, as he discusses the QIO Program’s evolution to meet today’s health industry needs. 
Read how Quality Innovation Network-QIOs (QIN-QIOs) are leveraging CMS QIO Program national partnerships to achieve bold goals in health quality. 
Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation’s interactive and social program – enhanced with community partnerships – has engaged native populations in Hawaii, Alaska, and Wyoming in improving their cardiac health.