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President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Medicare and Medicaid programs into law.

Medicare Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSROs) begin to overseee quaility of care at local level.

PSROs become statewide Peer Review Organizations (PROs) with new authority to protect beneficiaries from under-use of necessary health services.

PROs begin reviewing medical records to protect beneficiaries from premature discharges from the hospital.

PROs launch first national quality project, the Cooperative Cardiovascular Project, to improve hospital care for heart attack patients.

PROs become Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs), which better describe their proactive role in improving health care.

QIOs expand their work into nursing homes, home health agencies, and physician offices.

QIO Program aligns activities with the National Quality Strategy developed by HHS, established as part of the Affordable Care Act.

The QIO Program is restructured based on the passage of the Trade Adjustment Act of 2011. The Law gives CMS greater discretion in the structure and function of the program to meet the evolving needs of health care quality improvement.

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