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Elderly caucasian male on a treadmill with weights

Men’s Health Month is celebrated each June to raise awareness of efforts to prevent and treat diseases among men. This issue of QIO News looks at some of the critical health issues facing older men, such as colon cancer and mental illness. 

QIOs in Action

In the largely rural state of North Dakota, Medicare claims data does not provide a complete picture of true adult immunization rates, as it excludes those for whom the roster billing method is used – such as all rural health clinics. The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network (QIN) – the QIN-QIO for Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota – sought to ensure complete tracking, documentation and reporting of data, and the use of best practices in improving adult immunization rates. Ultimately, the QIN aims to have all immunization providers – including those located in rural areas – included in its interventions to improve immunization rates, which will implemented by Fall 2016.