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Beyond Race and Ethnicity: Advancing Health Equity for Hospitalized Patients with Sepsis

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Join Convergence Health for an insightful and transformative event that delves into the innovative efforts at Providence Mission Hospital to promote health equity for patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). This session will spotlight a groundbreaking and patient-centered approach that has significantly enhanced patient care and outcomes, especially for those diagnosed with sepsis.

Event Highlights: 

  • Story of Impact: Discover how Providence Mission Hospital identified a critical health disparity among sepsis patients and implemented a patient-centered, data-informed solution. 
  • Innovative Strategies: Learn about the practical, straightforward steps taken to improve sepsis length of stay and reduce avoidable readmissions. 
  • Scalable Solutions: Gain insights into how this approach can be adapted and applied to hospitals of all sizes and types. 

Why Attend? 

  • Enhance Patient Care: Understand the importance of addressing health equity to improve outcomes for LEP patients. 
  • Learn from Experts: Benefit from the experiences and expertise of leading professionals in health equity and clinical coordination. 
  • Transform Your Hospital’s QI Efforts for Sepsis, Readmissions, and Health Equity: Take away actionable strategies that can be integrated into your own healthcare setting to ensure equitable care for all patients. 
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Speaker Bio

Moojan Rezvan - Supervisor, Interpretive Services & Health Equity Fellow, Providence Mission Hospital 
Emily Cusick - Sepsis Clinical Coordinator, Providence Mission Hospital 
Kim Werkmeister - Senior Vice President, Improvement and Implementation, Convergence Health