• Photo of woman reading a care transitions brochure
    Relive the 2019 National Care Transitions Awareness Day Event 
    April 16, 2019 marked the first NCTA Day, an observance supporting CMS's priority of improving customer experience. Take a moment to watch a recap of the day. 
  • Photo of caregiver helping elderly patient.
    The 2019 National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign (NNHQI)
    NNHQI provides long-term care providers, advocates and quality improvement professionals with access to resources supporting continuous quality improvement for beneficiaries. Learn more about the campaign. 
  • Photo of newspaper titled QIO News
    QIO News Special Edition: Celebrating Five Years of QIO Program Success
    As the QIO Program 11th Scope of Work comes to an end, leaders at the QIIG within CMS's Center for Clinical Standards and Quality celebrate the last five years of health care quality improvement.

QIO News

Photo of Dennis Wagner (l.) and Dr. Paul McGann (r.), CMS

As the QIO Program 11th Scope of Work comes to an end, CMS leaders are celebrating five years of health care quality improvement. In this special issue of QIO News, Quality Improvement and Innovation Group Director Dennis Wagner and Chief Medical Officer for Quality Improvement Dr. Paul McGann reflect on the progress made so far — and the evolution they see ahead. 

QIOs in Action

Lake Superior QIN targeted underserved populations to improve diabetes management, health care access, awareness and outcomes.