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Convergence HQIC Monthly PFEE Think Tanks

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The Convergence HQIC is excited to share the April Patient Family Engagement for Equity (PFEE) Monthly Think Tank. Each monthly 30-minute Convergence HQIC PFEE Think Tank, hosted by our partners at PFCCpartners, addresses a specific PFEE topic and provides an opportunity to collaborate directly with peer hospitals and the Convergence HQIC Patient Family Partnership Council. These monthly Think Tanks are open to hospital staff who would like to learn more and grow PFEE practices at the hospital. The April 10 session will feature a discussion about the development and implementation of a new resource, a Patient Journey Map, developed by the Convergence HQIC Patient Family Partnership Council.

  • Discuss the Patient Journey Map, a new tool created by our Patient Family Partnership Council 
  • Offer hospital participants ideas on how to promote the tool to their patient population 
  • Grow PFEE practices within organizations 

This event will be held April 10, 2024 at 10 a.m. Pacific.

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Health Care Providers
People with Medicare

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Convergence Health Consulting


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Patient and Family-Centered Care Partners