National Disparities LAN Event: September 2018

Topic: Addressing Disparities in Long-Term Services and Supports: Strategies for Culturally and Structurally Competent Services

Date: Wednesday, September 122018


This event was open to beneficiaries, families, healthcare providers, practitioners, partners, and Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organizations.

Event Description:

Are you a clinician, quality improvement professional, patient, caregiver, or community partner? Regardless of where your life journey takes you, you or a loved one may someday need care, also called long-term services and supports (LTSS) to assist in daily living. When that time comes, you deserve to be treated with warmth, dignity, and respect and to be content, healthy, and safe no matter where you live or what your background is. Unfortunately, while nursing homes, other facilities offering LTSS, and home health services have improved over time in some aspects, disparities in the quality of care persist based on race, ethnicity, income, and even the zip code where you live. On this call, we explored how Quality Improvement Organizations, clinicians, patients and residents, families, loved ones, and community partners are helping to address disparities by supporting culturally and structurally competent services in nursing homes, other facilities offering LTSS, and home and community-based services.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss what is known about disparities in long-term services and supports
  2. Explain how cultural competency and structural competency can help to address disparities
  3. Identify two strategies that can be used to support greater cultural and/​or structural competency in LTSS

Slides & Recorded Presentation:

Meet the Speakers:

Darci Graves, MPP, MA, MA
Special Assistant to the Director
CMS Office of Minority Health

Misty Dyke, BS
Communications Specialist
Quality Insights

Patricia Austin, RN, CPQH
Project Coordinator
Quality Insights

Fred Brown
Resident Council President
Skilled Nursing Facility

Jennifer Peters, BS, NFA
Garden Park Nursing and Rehabilitation

Rafael Calderon

Supplemental Resources: