Kamishibai Visual Management Workbook

Male and female doctors working on reports in medical office

This workbook, created by Comagine Health, explains how to use and implement Kamishibai Cards, or K Cards, in a long-term care setting. Originally based in manufacturing processes, K Cards have been adapted into health care in recent years. K Cards can be an effective method for sustaining evidence-based practices, an aid to decrease errors related to human factors, providing a template for effective gemba walks and can help provide real time feedback on a process. K Cards can also be used as part of a location’s continuous quality improvement system to assist with bundle compliance with processes and system standards.  This workbook includes a companion video as well as Word templates for a K Card and a visual tracker for K Cards.


Intended Audience
Health Care Providers

Provided by
Comagine Health

Last Updated:
January 02, 2024