Elderly senior dementia patient (aging old adult person) in nursing hospice home holding geriatrician doctor's hand having happy medical health care from hospital carer or caregiver healthcare service

The Geriatric Pain website was initially created to provide nurses and other staff working in long-term care environments and informal caregivers with access to free evidence-based pain assessment tools, pain management strategies, and resources to help identify and manage pain in older adults, including quality improvement processes focused on pain management. However, the site is applicable to other geriatric care settings and use by the interdisciplinary team. The web site is easy to access and user friendly. It is organized into categories of emphasis, including pain assessment, pain management, education, quality improvement, and a new section on information for caregivers and patients.

Many of the tools available on the Geriatric Pain website are for nurses, staff and administrators in nursing homes and long-term care facilities to help improve pain outcomes for residents, change organizational standards for pain outcomes and save time identifying and evaluating quality tools. A newly added section in the Geriatric Pain website provides information specifically developed for informal caregivers, including family members, friends or other non-paid individuals, who support older adults as they age.

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March 20, 2023