Guide to Social Determinants of Health Screening – Mad Libs

Colleagues brainstorming

Are you looking for a fun and unexpected way to talk about social determinants of health (SDOH) work with your team? Look no further. Download the Convergence Mad Libs – Guide to SDOH Screening.

Why Mad Libs? Each facility has a unique approach to screening for and addressing SDOH needs for their patients and communities. Drawing inspiration from a childhood game we fondly remember, this fill-in-the-blank script outlines the key elements of an SDOH screening process and highlights where you can customize the script based on your process.

Can you use this for staff education? Sure! Once you complete the tool, it can serve as an outline for the major components you might cover when talking with your team about SDOH screening. For example:

  • The purpose of your screening program
  • Who conducts the screenings
  • Where you store the data
  • How the hospital uses SDOH screening data to invest in the community

Intended Audience
Health Care Providers

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Convergence Health

Last Updated:
July 01, 2024