Patient Family Engagement (PFE) and Health Equity Series

Doctor with family patients talking about medical consultation in a park.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed the 5 Metrics for Person and Family Engagement to provide HQIC facilities a framework to engage patients and families in their care. Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) created a series of 30-minute presentations to discover how to achieve these metrics, keep patients and families at the center of care, and engage staff to form an alliance with patients and families. This 5-part series will address the criteria to meet these measures and will assist your facility in improving your patient and family engagement (PFE).

  • PFE Series Part 1: Introduction to Patient and Family Engagement
    • Define PFE and it's importance for hospitals.
    • Describe five CMS PFE metrics.
    • Introduce concept of organizational readiness for PFE.
    • Discuss how PFE relates to Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS®), Star Ratings, and Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP).
  • PFE Series Part 2: Achieving Patient and Family Centered Care
    • Practice patient and family centered care.
    • Summarize how to promote PFE.
    • Facilitate patient and family participation in care where possible.
    • Examine staff comfort regarding patient and family participation in care.
  • PFE Series Part 3: Preparing for Patient and Family Engagement Programs
    • Identify strategies, tools, and resources to engage leadership and promote buy-in.
    • Discuss how PFE benefits your hospital and improves satisfaction scores.
    • Review strategies to prepare and train staff and clinicians for PFE.
  • PFE Series Part 4: Engaging the Patient and Care Partner to Prepare for Hospital Admission
    • Discuss planning checklists for planned admissions.
    • Identify opportunities to collaborate and engage members of the healthcare team.
    • Describe how to involve the patient/care partner in the plan of care.
    • Review a PFE pamphlet to prepare a patient and care partner for their hospital stay.

Intended Audience
Health Care Providers
People with Medicare

Provided by
Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG)

Last Updated:
February 21, 2024